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LINX- MAX6675 (Labview +Arduino+ thermocouple)

Hello, I want to measure temperature on LabVIEW using arduino and MAX6675 module. I have browsed past issues and the internet. I could not find any examples that worked successfully. I can measure temperature  using the LM35 arduino sensor, but I want to measure via thermocouple using this MAX 6675 module. Can anyone knowledgeable about this issue help? It may be in another thermocouple module that I do not know. If there is, I expect that example from you. If it's happening with rasbery pie, I'd like to learn it too.

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Hi Ahmet134,


LM35 is interfaced via the analog in pins of the Arduino since it produces a voltage proportional to the temp.


The MAX6675 module has a SPI bus as communication interface, so you have to use the LINX SPI examples to figure out how to establish communication with the MAX6675. This link below shows how to connect everything:


The code is in this example is in Arduino C, but it should help you implementing the same functionality from LabVIEW and LINX. The data sheet for the MAX6675 should have the information necessary to write the proper commands.




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In this link, there is a man that has a problem with SPI. Could you check this link? I have loaded the SPI example that is in LABVIEW, but still I'm not sure what to do. If you know the link guy's issue please answer, I need to learn.

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