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LINX Firmware Wizard and Library Generator will not run

Hi! I am new to LabVIEW and am trying to interface LabVIEW with an Arduino MEGA 2560 using the LINX add-on. I have successfully installed the current VIPM, and have used that to add LINX to my LabVIEW application. However, I'm having a problem when I try to use LINX to create a firmware library for my Arduino IDE. Both the Firmware Wizard and the Generate Firmware Libraries options produce a front panel that cannot run, despite there being no errors identified. 


If anybody is familiar with this problem, please let me know what I should do to fix it. I am running LabVIEW on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6, if that is relevant.

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Hi, having the same problem here. Running on MacOS Big Sur, with Labview 2020. Did you get it to work?

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Hey! check out this topic.






LabVIEW Community edition for Mac and Linux OS are now available for download

LabVIEW Community for Mac OS

LabVIEW Community for Linux OS

            - See Readme for supported Linux OS


*Note: the LabVIEW Community editions for Mac OS and Linux OS do not support the LabVIEW Hobbyist Toolkit (formerly LINX Toolkit) that allows you to interface with Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, and Arduino boards.

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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