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Can not communicate with Arduino Mega

I can not make it work no matter what I try: Arduino Mega and Labview.

Arduino Mega works fine with IDE. So must be LV problem.


I tried LV 21, 21SP1, 22, 22Q3 and 23 with matching Hobbyists Toolkit,  and LV 21 with Linx Toolkit via VIPM. All was tried separately on clean Win install (without any traces of other LV versions), with IDE installed and not ---> lots of time wasted 😑 


Toolkit Firmware wizard seems to work fine, Arduino Tx/Rx leds blinking but no luck with running any example/code afterwards.

It worked some 2 times with LV21 and LV23, but I was not able to make it work again since or on second run.


Constant error:

"LabVIEW was unable to connect to the LINX device using the following settings:
Interface: Serial
COM Port: COM3"


I wonder if anyone has any suggestions?

Perhaps I overlook something? but is suppose to work out of the box, isn't it?

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I have the same problem with arduino nano. Its my first time using arduino. It said to try  going to tools-hobbyist- wizard. The error message then changed. 


Does anyone know the difference between pre-built firmware and built with arduino ide?


I have no idea how to use this, any help would be great.



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I found the solution a different way. I wrote and uploaded a program in IDE. Then I wrote a serial println in IDE and tapped into the signal using a simple serial read in labview.





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Thanks for your reply, Michael!


That one also worked for me.

But I really wanted to make the Hobbyists Toolkit work, and as it turned out, it was a bug in the toolkit that others have pinpointed and fixed.

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Thanks marsrock.


The other thing is I'm reading 10 Digital inputs at over 15k samples per second each and converting them to 5 counter inputs (one counter/encoder has two phases). I only need to read the counter output to the pc about 100 or 200 hz, so the serial writeln works well. There is no way you could read all 10 DI to the computer on their own. I find IDE easy to use, it only took a day or two to learn.





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After tinkering for many hours, replacing Packet Number.vi did the trick on Version 2023 Q3.


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