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Array of Pressure sensors

I'm currently trying to write the code for an array of pressure sensor; 3x3 to start. It is pretty simple for Arduino to read the voltage values from multiple "fsr402 pressure sensor". However I would want to convert the x and y cursor of the intensity chart as like a coordinate system, and the z value display in different color. How should I change the intensity chart to what I like? Also, can this show in a 3D graph as well? each sensor should be display like a pixel. I have attach the code here, as well as the picture that I would like to show.

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We typically don't do well debugging pictures, so please attach your VI.


To show a 3x3 array, you want an intensity graph, not a intensity chart (big difference). I assume you get 9 voltages.


For the Z scale, you can change the color ramp to anything you like (up to 256 different colors!).

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