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Arduino Nano won't talk to LabVIEW 2020

I have a new, genuine Arduino Nano (Atmega328P) that works fine with the IDE (version 1.8.13) but won't connect to LabVIEW CE 2020 using Linx firmware. The Nano is visible to Windows 10 (64-bit) as a USB serial port (COM10) and can also be seen as such in NI MAX.


I have successfully uploaded the pre-built firmware using the MakerHub wizard in LabVIEW (at least I get no error messages when done). When I then attempt to run the LabVIEW example VI (switch LED on/off on pin13), I get the error message shown in the attached graphic. ERROR 1073807246 VISA: The resource is valid, but VISA cannot currently access it.


I followed up on the error code and (as suggested) tried changing USB cables, changing the COM port number and checking (in Windows Device Manager) to see if the port was already in use (it wasn't). None of this made any difference.


I tried an Arduino Uno with the same software setup (after uploading the Uno firmware of course) and it all works fine. If anyone else has had this issue and managed to solve it, I'd be very grateful for an idea of what to do. I have already searched this forum and elsewhere, and although I have found some information, it has not yet been of any help. 


Thanks in advance,




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Here exactly, dot for dot  the same. Did everything from bootloader to version change, spent three days and nights to no avail. The firmware loads according to the logfile successfully but subsequently fails to connect (5003).

Any hint would be greatly appreciated


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No idea why the Firmware wizard doesnt work correctly.

You can get around this by uploading the Uno firmware to the Nano.
This will limit the amount of AN channels to 6.

If you need the Nano functionality, then go to the firmware wizard / settings / Generate. This will generate the linx firmware in the Arduino Libraries folder.

Go to this folder then LINX / examples / Arduino_Nano328_Serial then open the Arduino file then upload this to the Nano the old-fashioned way. Nano should work with the Linx commands in Labview.

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Maybe you can have a try following this way:




install <Arduino_Nano328_Serial.ino> using IDE



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