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Am I able to access the command line of an RPi4B using LINX?

I'm very new and confused about LINX. I have an RPi4B that I've managed to connect to with Linx. What I really want is to install THIS HAT which says it can be used via command line (CLI stuff documentation). Maybe I don't quite understand how everything works together but I'm imagining that I write a VI using the Local connection type for LINX in which I access the HAT via command line (possible? details? example?) and then either send them to a front end running on a desktop PC via TCP, web sockets, or possibly host the data with a web vi. I've read confirmations that all these aspects are possible except for interacting with the command line of the pi, haven't found info on that.

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The LINX connection (local or not) does not provide any CLI shell access. LINX is an unsecured connection and you do not want something like the shell being accessible through that, even if your Pi only automates your doorbell. 😀

However your LabVIEW executable on the PI does have the SystemExec vi, which you can use to access the CLI on the Pi directly.

Only difficulty is that the LabVIEW executable runs in its own schroot jail (a sort lightweight virtual machine) that lets it not directly access any of the host resources except some carefully configured ones. The host shell is not one of them.

But you can use SSH from the local shell to remotely log in on the host shell to access the CLI of any installed application that has the necessary permissions for the user that logged in through SSH. How to use SSH to login from the LabVIEW schroot shell onto the Pi host shell is explained in an article on the LabVIEW Makerhub site: https://www.labviewmakerhub.com/doku.php?id=learn:libraries:linx:misc:chroot-ssh-trick


Of course when you have enabled SSH access on your Pi, you could access it also directly from the PC through any SSH client.

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