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USB 5133 fetch multiple records error BFFA0012


Hello everyone,


I just bought a USB 5133 with 32 MB/ch of onboard memory. A continuous periodic signal as shown below is being connected to Ch1. The period of the signal is 100 samples, but I want a record to be only the first 25 samples after being triggered by the rising edge of the signal. I want the digitizer to discard the rest of the samples, but keep the subsequent 25 samples as another record when the next trigger is detected. What I am trying to do, is to save some memory, so that the 32 MB/ch of memory can be used to save as many records as possible before all of the records are fetched to the LabVIEW.

Figure- Signal overview.JPG



I try to follow the example niSCOPE EX Multi Record.vi and made the following vi (also attached):

Figure- Block diagram.JPGIt runs smoothly when I fetch only 1 record, but when I try to fetch 2 or more records, the following error occurs:

Figure- Error when trying to fetch 2 records.JPG


What's wrong with the vi or setting, and what is the more appropriate way of doing this?  Thank you~

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It seems like USB 5133 does not support multi-fetch:



I am looking into the streaming of the data to Labview. Any advice will be most welcome. 


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