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Simulate PXIe-5170R on Windows desktop

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Hi there, I am trying to do some proof of concept work for a PXIe-5170R before we purchase one.  


Is it possible to program our reconfigurable I/O and simulate this?  I wanted to start with the sample project "Multirecord Acquisition" and run this, showing that the decimation in the example works.  I have gotten the example code to compile and synthesize by following the PXIe-5170R Getting Started Guide .


I then tried to see if I could add a simulated PXIe-5170R device to the computer in NI max by going to Devices and Interfaces -> Create Simulated DAQmx device and adding a high speed digitizer, but 5170R or 5171R was not listed.  


Is this, or something similar, supported, or will I have to purchase before I can see the FPGA files will do?  It seems like simulating generic FPGA files is supported based on what I read around the FPGA desktop execution node.


I happen to be using Labview 2015 SP1 on Windows 10.


FYI I've seen this topic:





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I believe what you're wanting to do here is to change the FPGA Target execution mode in the LabVIEW project to be Simulation (Simulated I/O).



Then you need to go to the block diagram of the main VI and change the Open FPGA Bitfile node to refer to the simulated project item instead of a bitfile on disk.
The limitation here is that you won't be able to simulate using a compiled .lvbitx file. That file is only used to program real hardware.
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Thanks for that, I wouldn't have thought to reconfigure that VI reference.  That got me started and I was able to simulate. 



I attached some screenshots showing what I did (for the next person reading). 


This is what it looked like while selecting the FPGA VI rather than the bitfile.




I also had to change my memory type from DRAM_U384x2 to BRAM_U768 for simulation (as noted in the multirecord acquisition example VI), to fix a "Memory is Full" error if you don't do this.




I also had to add a little constant node in the host VI:



And then I ran the host VI and got it to show me some waveforms (kinda slow, which seems reasonable):




Some other notes that might also be helpful for someone:

I also looked at this example VI for trying out the default non-FPGA behavior in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2015\examples\instr\niScope\niScope EX Simulated Acquisition.vi


I was then able to select:


  • Model: PXIe-5170R
  • Board Type: PXIe
  • Input Impedance: 50 ohms

And that let me run a simulated acquisition.


I also found this page which has some more information about loading a bitfile but haven't gotten very far with it:






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