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Problem of using niScope.lib in VS2015

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Accepted by topic author wsxxdzlj

Hi Ancher,


I can give you my solution here:

  I add the file "legacy_stdio_definitions.lib" to "Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies". Then, the problem is solved. I use Win10, VS2015 and my software is released in 64-bit.


It works on my software. I am not sure whether it is still work for you. If you try my method, please give me your feedback. Thanks.

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Hello Balexand,


My version of niScope_32.dll is  / 4.3.0f0, it's OK.

With your library, it compile fine, thanks a lot for this.


I don't use LabWindows/CVI, so I yhink thaht the kind of trouble you feel doesn't append to me.


Thanks again, this "special" release allows me to work until the next release.




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Hello wsxxdzlj,


I don't tried your solution, with the library delivered by Balexand I have linked without any error.

Anyway, thanks for your solution, it can be very useful for some other people.





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Hi Nathan,

Now NI-SCOPE version is 16.0. However, this issue is still not solved. Is there any news about solving this issue?

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Changes that went into NI-SCOPE 16.0 were mostly just for LabVIEW 2016 support.  You may notice that niScope_32.dll is still the same version (4.3.0f0).


We are aware that this issue is still open.  It is being tracked as Bug ID 546023.

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