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PXIe-5114 Status Code: -223431

Has anyone seen this error before? My NI representative is unsure what this error relates to.





Status Code: -223431

Internal Software Error occurred in Scopes software. Please contact National Instruments Support.


niScope Initiate Acquisition.vi:2<ERR>Internal Hardware Error occurred in MIG hardware. Please contact National Instruments Support.


Component Name: nihsdrk File Name: p:\Measurements\DHV\DSS\export\3.0\3.0.0f0\includes\nidss\tSMCRefClkPLL.cpp

Line Number: 214

Source: unknown (0): ??? unknown (0): ??? unknown (0): ??? unknown (0): ??? unknown (0): ??? unknown (0): ??? unknown (0): ??? unknown (0): ???

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There are a couple troubleshooting steps that I would recommend trying.


  1. Reset the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer. (If this fails, please post the error code you get)
  2. Reboot the PC or PXI controller.
  3. Try a different PCI or PXI slot.

I would also like to get the serial number of your PXIe-5114 if possible.


James F.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi James

This is the MAX error I get.


Max Error.jpg

I rebooted the PC and PXI controller, this clears the error but the error returns after running our application.



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