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PXIe 5105 on Linux

We are trying to use a PXIe 5105 (With PXIe-1071 chassis and a 8375 controller) with RHEL5 type machine. I am having trouble getting started and finding proper drivers


1. I see NI-SCOPE 3.1 supports PXI-5105, is it correct to assume that will also support my configuration?

2. I don't see the device in `nilsdev`, is there something I can do?

3. I can see the chassis and the controller from `nipxiconfig`, but not sure what to do from there.



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Take a look at the resource below. Unfortunately it appears that RHEL version 6.x and 7.x are the only recommended versions of RHEL. The resource below also lists supported drivers.


National Instruments Driver and Software Support for Linux Distributions



This would also be a great question to post in the NI Linux Community Forums.






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