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PXIE-5160 fails to initialize properly


Ooops!  Sorry to leave that out!


The actual test application has a task set up on the 6614.  To minimize the ScopeTest app, I am just starting a task in MAX that generates a hardware trigger wired to my light source ( which generates my signal) and goes into the trigger input on DIG1.


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I just want to update the status of this thread, as we are going forward with a TClk workaround.  Evidently, the root cause of this behavior is a bug in TClk or NI-SCOPE.  NI is working on a solution, and has supplied me with a case # for reference.


When the final solution is available I will post it here.


Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this, it was quite the roller coaster here until we settled on the hardware trigger workaround.

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