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PXI 5105 SFP Vs Configured Acquisition VI

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I recently started using NI PXI 5105 cards , I need to capture noise level (<20KHz) on top of my DC signal, I used software front panel to capture rising edge of an analog signal I was able to capture signal when it meets my trigger requirements same as configured acguisition Example VI also VI recommended input signal freq   is 100KHz, what changes I need to do in order to make this VI to trigger when the noise level on my DC signal exceeds certain point ? Can anyone please help me with this ?


Thanks In advance !!

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Accepted by topic author Medha_Vemla

Hi Medha, 

If I am understanding your description correctly, the best trigger sounds like it may be a Hysteresis Trigger with AC trigger coupling to eliminate the effects of your DC signal. You will then be able to set the magnitude of noise you are looking for as the level at which you want to trigger off of. You can find information on available trigger options through the NI High-Speed Digitizers Help under Fundamentals > Triggering. 

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Thanks for the reply Yiran, it helped !!

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Also one more question, I am trying to plot all the 8 channels of the PXIe 5105 card in one waveform graph, I used Niscope multi fetch VI but I am not able to figureout how to plot waveform since it ouputs 8D array with Cluster of 3 elements. I attached my labview program here. Please help me with this.


Thanks in Advance !!




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