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PCIe replacement for PCI-5922


Dear NI forum,


In my project we are using a PCI-5922 oscilloscope card for high-speed/high-resolution acquisition of data from an interferometer with high scanning speed. Unfortunately, the computer the card is installed in seems to slowly reach end of life and we probably need to upgrade to a new computer soon-ish, but new computers don't support PCI anymore and we probably cannot use the card further.

Requirements would include high acquisition and bit rates (typically 5 MS/s at 20 bit) to measure interferograms with highest SNR possible. Compromises involving e.g. more averaging are also fine, but a "drop-in" replacement for the PCI-5922 would be great. Can you guys help me finding the right card for our task?


Kind regards,

Dominic Laumer

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We run into similar problems and use PCIe to PCI extension boxes. Maybe worth a try.


And we use a lot of PXI 5922 cards, and I haven't seen something comparable.I hope NI will bring up a new PXIe 5922 ..

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