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PCI-5922 self test error -223431

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I try to reset PCI-5922 from NI-MAX and obtain error code 80040383:

"There was a problem resetting the device."

Then I try self-test from NI-MAX and obtain Status Code: -223431

"The self test failed.

Status Code: -223431

Internal Software Error occurred in Scopes software. Please contact National Instruments Support."

I tried th following:

1. restart computer

2. uninstall and then install NI-Scope 15.1.1

3. change PCI slot

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I've found old issues regarding the error code 80040383 and were fixed re-starting the NI Device Loader service, take a look at the following KB to troubleshoot this:

Why Are NI Device Loader and NI Configuration Manager Services Not Starting and Giving an Error -88705?



In regard of the other error code I've found that typically when this error shows up the device needs to be RMA'ed, but let's give it a try starting the service I pointed above to see if this helps, if not I recommend you to open a new Service Request to troubleshoot the error 223431.


Luis G.

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Hi Luis

I tried but It didn't help.

I'll open a Service Request

Thank you


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Accepted by topic author yonathan

After some experimentation it turns out that the problem was in the computer. When installed in another computer, the PCI-5922 worked properly.

Now it seems obvious to me: when troubleshooting

1.) install the board in a different computer

2.) install another identical board (if you have one) in the suspiciuous computer


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