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PCI-5102 compatibility with Windows 7 64 bits

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We recently upgraded our client PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7 64 bits, and Labview 7 to Labview 2014.

2 of the PCs had a PCI-5102 card installed. They were purchased 7 years ago.

We completed the upgrade of the PCs, but now we realize the digitizer cards are not compatible with Windows7 64 bits.

So everything is working besides this...rolling back to Winndows 32 bits would be terrible. Is there any solution? Even if it is not elegant or a patch, we need a solution.


Thank you.

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Unfortunately, as the table notes, the PCI-5102 is not supported on 64-bit operating systems. The driver that supports this device, NI-DAQ, is legacy software which has not been ported to 64-bit kernels.


Switching back to a 32-bit OS is likely your best solution for continuing to use the PCI-5102.

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Thank you. Lesson learnt the hard way...

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