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NI-scope PCI-5124 with 2 triggers

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I just wanted to point out that this thread was started in 2010.... If you have a new question, make a NEW message thread.  Otherwise people who would have helped you will ignore you for resurrecting an old thread.



Answer your question: http://forums.ni.com/t5/High-Speed-Digitizers/NI-scope-labview-vi-s/td-p/1003122



Answer your question: http://forums.ni.com/t5/High-Speed-Digitizers/5122-Analog-Edge-Trigger-not-working-as-expected/m-p/8...

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Hi Dansch,


I am facing similar or same scenario.


There are two Scopes - 


i. On rising edge of a channel in Scope 1, a reference trigger is put on RTSI0 line,


ii. Scope waits on trigger from RTSI0 line, but only with Positive edge it works and not when it's configured to look for negative edge in the received trigger pulse.


I am not sure why?  Is it expected? Or a limitation as of now?


We have the Slope configuration in the scope that receives Trigger to specify on which edge, acquistion should start. Is that right? If it's always positive, what is the purpose of having that control?


Is there any reason why it's configured to work only for postive edge?


Please help me get clarity on this.




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