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NI pxi-5152 error during acquisition

Dear Sir/Mam,


I am using NI PXI-5152 digitizer and I am trying to acquire a analog signal through channel 0. I am using NI-Scope express in LabVIEW 8.0 to perform this operation. Am using NI PXI-8175 embedded controller which has windows 2000 OS. Am trying to acquire analog signal received from ultrasound transducer and amplifier.


Am getting the error displayed below :




Error - 1074118540 occurred at Error occurred at : niScope Initiate Acquisition.vi:1


Possible reason(s):

Driver Status : (Hex 0xBFFA4074)

Requested vertical range is invalid.


Device: PXI1Slot3

Channel Name : 0


Status Code: -200579



Please find attached code where I use Ni-Scope express !


Please clarify the same !



V P Karthik

Research Scholar

IIT Madras

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It appears that you are configuring the device to a 2Vpp input range?  Is that correct?  That does appear to be a valid input range, so not sure why the driver would say that is invalid.  Instead of using the express VI, why don't you use the NI-SCOPE VI's directly to configure and acquire your data?  Take a look at the Example Finder >> Hardware Input and Output >> Modular Instruments >> NI-SCOPE >> Getting Started >> niScope EX Configured Acquisition.vi.  This example shows how to configure the instrument, though in your case, you probably don't want to run with all the confiuration code inside the while loop.


Good luck.

-Nathan P.

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