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Hello Dear NI Users,


First time I am using NI Scope PXIe-5114 model. There are some questions/problems I cannot handle with them.

There are some examples on National Instruments - NI-SCOPE - examples - DotNET 4.0 - VS2010, after installing NI SCOPE Driver.

Among the those examples, there are good ones which get AnalogWaveform data from PXIe-5114. 


My problem is I cannot get voltage data from PXIe-5114 using C#.  There is DC (10V battery), measure it with NI-SCOPE Soft Front Panel and get value about 10V.(it means Front Panel shows correctly in mycase). But when I use examples I am getting values around 5 and this value is extracted from AnalogWaveForm. 

It seems I minunderstood NI Scope or doing something wrong.


Can anybody advice or tell me or show some code how to get measurement data as Front Panel or other ?


Thank you

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Hi Mamur,


Have you tried this example: http://www.ni.com/example/26632/en/ ?



Luke B.
Technical Support Engineering
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