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Missing Trigger on PXIe-5122

Hi,I'm using 2 PXIe-5122 Digitizer card for continuous triggered acqusition,and I modified the example

(http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/3049)  See the attachments"Scope config(TCLK).vi",this VI is only the

config VI.

After I run the main VI which contains the config VI,then connected a TTL Signal to PFI1,there was no error.The

progamme runs normally.
But when I connect the TTL signal to PFI1,then run the VI,there was a timeout occured at the slaved card which is

not connectted TTL Signal.

I'm using TCLK method to Syncronize the two cards.
and also, I used the routing API to do the same Test,and get same result.

Please Help me.

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