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LeCroy Waverunner Query Cmd


Does anyone know the command for a LeCroy Waverunner (620zi) to get the measurement statistics units? The NI low level drivers have the usual read P(x) statistics values and in the Waverunner programming manual I couldn't find anything regarding querying measurement units.




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Hello Morben,


Are you using LabVIEW with LeCroy Wavefunner's instrument driver

Saki K.
Applications Engineer
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Hi Saki,

Yes, I'm using the LeCroy inst. driver.


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Hi Morben,


There is a VI called configure measure mode listed in the VI tree. Other than that I am not seeing a pre-built VI in the driver. If you have a command set for the instrument you may be able to create a new VI for the driver which makes VISA calls directly to the instrument.



Alex W.
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