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How to programmatically set up an acquisition with RIS using Ni Scope (PXI-5114)



I have a function that triggers an acquisition and collects 2048 points. I am using a maximum sample rate of 250 MS/s. I just learnt about using RIS and had a chance to try it using software front panel. It works very well for my signal. So now I'd like to implement it in my function call.

I modified my call and changed the last parameter from TRUE to FALSE:

niScope_ConfigureHorizontalTiming(vi, minSampleRate, minRecordLength,refPosition, numRec, enforceRealtime)

When I try to specify an acquisition rate higher than 250 Ms/s  I get an error.

What other calls or parameters do I need to make/change to make it work?





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Can you provide a screenshot of the error you're seeing or the error message / code? that'd be helpful!



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Thanks Misbahd, I found an example and adopted it to my needs.

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