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How to divide clock for trigger

Hi, everyone

I need to use digitizes NI PXI 5122 for acquisition data with external clock (~100 MHz). However I also need divide the clock source for trigger input.

The ratio can be change. After that get the data after thousands of averages.

Please give me idea for solving this problem.

Thank you very much

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Hey Dungvt,


Have you taken a look at this community example? It provides a solution for this problem by using a counter output task on another card.

Hunter D.
Applications Engineer
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Here is the clocking scheme,  reading the text, it seems that it is only be possible to route the sample-clock /N to CLK-OUT if you also sample with decimation. But worth a try.. have a look at the Digitizer HELP (clocking/ horizontal/routing  properties) and try-out.

Don't know, if it's possible to set the divisor  N and use the routing while telling the ADC and memory manager to use sample-clock instead of sample-clock/N ...  

Since you run a PXI system, what other cards do you have , what tasks do they run? 

Greetings from Germany

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