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HDD 8264 notification of battery dead/missing on boot up

I Have an HDD-8264 12 bay RAID for streaming and it started issuing the notification "battery dead or missing" on boot up and that

it is losing data in the cache during bootup. It says it is able to recover nevertheless, but I have not seen this before.


I opened the HDD 8264 to look for a battery but I do not see any. Any ideas what is going on here? Or do I just ignore This?

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Any chance you can take a picture of the error? How do you know it comes from the HDD-8264?

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The message shows up in the 8264 BIOS boot up. If I disconnect the HDD-8264, I do not get the message. I also swapped 

the pxie-8133 controller with a different pxie-8133  controller (known to be good..works on a different

NOI-8264 without this error message) and this other controller shows this error as well. 


I have attached a screenshot of the message that shows up. You can see that it is clearly part of the RAID system bios. 

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Does this happens everytime you turn on your system?

Are you correctly powering down your controller?

I have the feeling that you will find more information outside this forums:

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Yes it happens every time I reboot. I have another 8264 and it does not do this when I plug this into the MXi interface, so it is not the operating system.


Occasionally this drive will hard crash while I am writing to it and it says that the cmos reset in the radio drive. 

I then have to import the same  RAID configuration as a foreign drive. So the 8264  it is losing it's memory regarding the RAID parameters it was setup with. 


I've opened up the chassis and I don't see any obvious battery pack to replace. But perhaps I don't know what to look for. The 8265 has a battery pack to replace, but it is external to the motherboard. 


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