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Fetch forever 3CH at 250MSps on PXIe-5170

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I would like stream data from 3CH on PXIe-5170(4ch ver.) at its maximum sampling rate 250MSps.   


Can NI SCOPE driver simply accomplish it with its fetch forever example?   Or does it require the IDL for Reconfigurable Oscilloscope?

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Since PXIe-517x devices support NI-SCOPE driver, I dont believe Fetch forever VI needs any modifications to run under 250MS/s sampling rate.

even though, some hardware limitation(such as storage performance and back plane transfer speed) would affect, 

and also deleting graph from sample VI might help stabilize its operation.

Hope it helps.


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Hello, thanks for the follow-up on this thread.  

I could successfully implemented 250MSps streaming with IDL, and could NOT with NI-SCOPE.  

Hardware and software are PXIe-1095, LabVIEW 2019, and SCOPE 19.1.  

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