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Error -50550 with PXI-5122 in a PXIe-1075


Error -50550 with PXI-5122 in a PXIe-1075

I'm receiving the same error -50550 as outlined in this KB when attempting to do anything in the NI Scope SFP.


This is from a PXI-5122 located in slot 2 in a PXIe-1075 connected to a Dell T3500 using fiber optic MXI Express. I have a number of PXIe Serial cards in that same chassis and they are all functioning properly.


When I tried a different PXI-5122 I received the same error.


When I moved the PXI-5122 to a PXI-1045 connected via copper MXI Express to the same PC the digitizer works without error.


The firmware upgrade utility naturally doesn't recognize the PXI-5122 as it was designed for the PXIe-5122. I'm using SCOPE 3.6, PXI Platform Services 2.5.6, firmware rev on the 5122 is 0.0.0d0.


Are there any steps to resolve this error as I'd love to use my nice, shiny new toys with no restrictions.




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Re: Error -50550 with PXI-5122 in a PXIe-1075



Is it only slot 2 that doesn't work?  Have you tried it in all 8 hybrid slots?


If slot 2 is the only one that doesn't work then it could be something like a bent pin on the backplane.  If slot 2 and a slot from the other segment don't work then it could be interrupt related.  In PCI/PXI (without the 'e' on the end) there are 4 interrupts that are rotated between the slots, so a single bad interrupt would show up 1/4th of the time.  


Do you have the latest BIOS (A11) for the T3500?  Have you tried putting the host PCIe card in different slots?


- Robert

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