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Hi Guys,

I've seen similar post but not directly the same display that I got. this one has error-250033 but saying i must identify the chassis correctly in MAX.

Source Device : PXI Slot2

Destination device: PXI Slot3.

i am using a PXI-1042 with two PXI-5122 modules. can you please guide me on how to get through this error?

thank you very much in advance

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Probably the chassis is not identified on NI-MAX. Did you try going to MAX and right click the chassis and identify it with the chassis' model?


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Accepted by topic author Joweibee

Hi Miraquesa,

Thank you very much for the reply. i did go to MAX and i see that the chassis was identified correctly however the PXI-5122 module is listed under the DAQmx and at the same time is listed under the Chassis 1042. under DAQmx the PXI 5122 has no slot number and no chassis number assigned and i cannot change the settings. I've decided to upgrade the version of Max and the entire settings was reset then at chassis 1042 i reserve PXI_trig 0 and trig 1 under Bus 1 and it solve the problem.


i really appreciate the help you have given me.


all the best,




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