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Custom output trigget signal with USB-5132

I have a question regarding output trigger functionality with USB-5132. I found that it is possible to configure an output signal through PFI 1 channel for an external device once signal in CH 0 passes the threshold, and that the trigger signal can be Start Trigger or a few other options. 


Is it possible to customize this output signal? For my application, I need a sound signal to be triggered from PFI 1 once an input in CH 0 passes the threshold, so sampling rate of ~44 kS/s and output length of at least a few seconds. 


I am aware that oscilloscope device is not ideal for this in general, I am just wondering whether this is possible as in my university department, we already have the USB-5132. In case it is not possible, what devices you would recommend?

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Hi PaulinaS,


The PFI1 line on the USB-5132 is used for triggering or clocking configurations (or the use-case of probe compensation, which generates a defined 1kHz sine wave). Here's the system block diagram:


It sounds like you want to output an analog waveform based on a trigger, which won't be supported with the 5132. You'll want a USB-DAQ that's more general purpose which you can find here. You can filter the bus connector and analog output to fit your requirements and see the possible devices.




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