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Acquisition with starttrigger

i have try to build a program  with a StartTrigger from this model:
I work on a PXI-5122 in a NI Computer.
The program has to be in the start to work with a softwaretrigger.
The problem is he run in the timeout from FetchDouble.
When i not configure the timing, the measurment work but not on the correct time.
My Porgram:
Thread a:
scopeSession.Timing.ConfigureTiming(SampleRateMin, RecordLengthMin, referencePosition, 1, enforceRealtime);              
PrecisionTimeSpan triggerHoldoff = PrecisionTimeSpan.FromSeconds(20.0);
PrecisionTimeSpan triggerDelay = PrecisionTimeSpan.Zero;
scopeSession.Trigger.ConfigureTriggerSoftware(triggerHoldoff, triggerDelay);

PrecisionTimeSpan timeout = new PrecisionTimeSpan(5.0);
waveformByte = scopeSession.Channels[ChannelName].Measurement.FetchDouble(timeout, 1, waveformByte);
And in
Thread b:
i start only the trigger to fetch the data for a test
What i make wrong?
Please when you have a example for all triggers then give it to me.
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