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Can the ADC included on the Zynq 7020 be utilised on the sbRio 9651?

I was looking through the Zynq 7020 documentation and noticed that there are two 12 bit 1Ms/s ADCs on included in the Zynq die.


Some of the other off the shelf Rio boards include ADC functionality accessible through the MIO connector. Does anyone know if this is accomplished through multiplexing the Zynq ADC? As far as I can tell this is the case, as I haven't found an additional ADC chip on the board.


Why is access to the ADC not provided on the 9651 through a fixed behavior pin on the RMC connector? Does anyone know if this functionality is usable through CLIP configuration or otherwise, or is it completely locked out of the project configuration and LabVIEW abstraction layers?

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The MIO inputs are 16 bit ADCs so probably not from the 12 bit onboard. I'd guess they were using that for temperature sensing or other similar purposes.

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I have found the answer to most of my questions in this thread;



I am now struggling with the VHDL instantiation to test this functionality, but I may as well ask for help in that thread.

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