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In less than a month, the NIWeek community and social media program was a great success. We energized our most influential LabVIEW customers during the conference and they have since been great word-of-mouth online advocates of the latest version of our software product.

Online quotes from lead users:

‘‘The continued development and support for all things FPGA is great. I really find the new FPGA high-speed arithmetic helpful and noticed improvements in the way the LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit compiles code, especially now that the toolkit supports the FXP type.’’ – Dan Burns, Graduate Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

‘‘I liked the more streamlined documentation and the enhanced [LabVIEW] project environment.’’ – Urs Lauterburg, Electronic Engineer, University of Bern, Switzerland

‘‘A very good upgrade! I was impressed by recursive VIs, improved print support for XML, and TDMS improvements, which give me a much more efficient and intuitive way of handling data.’’ – Karl Hanke, Data Systems Lead Engineer, Boeing

‘‘The new Probe [Watch Window] is very good! Perfect for debugging large apps’’ – Fabian Zons, Engineer, The Berghof Group

‘‘I think LabVIEW 2009 shows great continuous improvement. The [partial] Block Diagram Cleanup [tool], new Probe [Watch Window], and new Icon Editor will have the most impact on my day-to-day programming’’ – Dany Allard, Software Developer, Averna

Highlights of the Measurable Results - <1 month data

The following data show the impact our evangelists had at spreading the message about our products online during and immediately following NIWeek.


  • 78 percent of all #NIWeek mentions came from outside the NI branded accounts
  • 25 percent increase in NI product mentions on Twitter since NIWeek
  • More than 2,000 Tweets from engineers and scientists at NIWeek
  • Large increase in number of followers on the branded accounts


  • #1 video in the Science and Technology category during NIWeek


  • More than 80 blog posts from domestic outlets, which continue evangelizing LabVIEW and NIWeek


  • NI uploaded about 50 photos to Flickr from the conference, and that amount double based on user-generated photos

Online Community

  • 63 new community members to the NIWeek Online Group
  • Heathly visits, views and engagement statistics (not shared externally)

The Marketing Funnel Success

Additionally, we improved the health of our overall marketing program.  Through the different social media and community programs, we engaged in meaningful conversations with audiences throughout the funnel.

marketing funnel.png

Awareness: Waterloo Labs Viral Video

Consideration: NIWeek Blog

Facebook: LabVIEW Fan Page

Action: NIWeek Online Demo Pages with Links to Customized Sales Parts Lists

Loyalty: Twitter, NIWeek Online Community

Additionally, we educated key customers on the various ways to stay connected and obtain technical resources after NIWeek.  Through this training, we are able to better equip our evangelists to be successful word-of-mouth advocates. 

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