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Summit Themes and Call for Presentations

There are still openings to speak at the summit! Consider presenting a short 7 minute speed session (7x7) if you have something interesting to share but not enough content for a full session. Final submissions are due by October 12.  In case you missed it.. here are the themes we are planning to cover. We look forward to hearing from you!


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#1: Approaches to Commonly Solved Problems 


What are some of the design patterns commonly used in software development and how can we leverage them in our LabVIEW code? How can we best utilize the language features in LabVIEW to achieve these patterns? We’re looking for a mix of content that provides both fundamental principles and concrete examples. 

  • Discussion about lesser known design patterns and their implementation in LabVIEW 
  • Solving complex problems in a modular way without using OOP 
  • This is your chance to talk about LabVIEW interfaces!

#2: Making Changes to Existing Code 


We want to hear about your practical strategies for effectively refactoring or modifying code when making changes to a code-base poses a great risk or is otherwise difficult (for example modifying a code-base that was inherited). 

  •  Best practices for refactoring 
  • Adding tests to an existing (untested) code base 
  • This code is crap. Where do I start? 
  • What happens when your small application turns into a large project?

#3: Drawing Inspiration from Outside the LabVIEW Community 


How can we leverage existing technology or practices that may not be “mainstream” in the LabVIEW community? 

  •  Useful non-LabVIEW libraries that can be integrated (Python, .NET, DLLs, etc.) 
  • DevOps practices (CI/CD, requirements management and issue tracking, etc.) 
  • Web-connected / IOT applications 
  • Team dynamics and distribution of responsibilities

#4: Have an idea that doesn’t fit into one of the topics above? Great! Let’s hear it!  


Submit Your Presentation Here 

Sarah Zalusky

I'm Organizing the GLA Summit!

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