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Stealth Cat Prize Winners

Hope y'all had a great summit and are recovering from the 24 hour marathon! Thank you to all that participated in our "stealth cat" search. Since we have three clear winners we are opting to give the prizes to those who spotted the most cats instead of running a random drawing for items.

Stealth Cat Capture.png

Sarah Zalusky

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Congratulations all!


(I obviously had no chance with five, but they reduced to zero because I mistyped the e-mail and they all got returned as undeliverable a day later :(. There is a reason I am a graphical and not a text programmer! :D. Still, you can increase the total captured to 454 :))

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Yay! And thanks. 


The downside is I will always search for stealth cats in presentations. Maybe I will put in a stealth cat in my presentation if I ever make one, and then buy the first person shouting "stealth cat!" a beer.

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