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Poll: Which Git client do you use?

Hi all - I am curious to know what most people are using as their client for Git and LabVIEW. I have created this poll for the same.


Poll -


I will post the results on this thread by EOD Oct 5th. If you choose the "Other" category, just add a comment on this thread with the name of your client and I will add it to the survey results.




Sumedha Ganjoo | LabVIEW R&D
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I have been using Tortoise for quite a while, but we're currently moving towards Sourcetree as a common tool in-house. So currently I'm, kind of, using both.

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We are using an internal bitbucket server with source tree

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I use Visual Studio Code

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I replied SourceTree but TortoiseGit is also partly in use.


Seems like SourceTree requires using Bitbucket or having an Atlassian account to get going.

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The poll didn't show a comment field for "Other", also it doesn't allow to pick multiple tools... 


In our team, we use SourceTree with GitLab repositories (both hosted at and privately hosted). I personally use Git Tower ( both on Mac OS and in Windows running inside virtual machines. 


I find that the various aspects of (distributed) SCC like local and origin, branches, tags, even commit history and also gitflow are much better comprehendible in a visual representation. My 0.02.

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Thanks to all those who responded. Here are the results from the survey:

SourceTree 10
Github Dekstop 1
TortoiseGit 9
Git Extensions 0
Command Line 1
Git4G 0
Other (can be seen in this NI community thread) 3

Date: Oct 5th, 2018




Sumedha Ganjoo | LabVIEW R&D
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I will go ahead and add to this even though the polling is closed - command line.

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Currently use Tortoisegit with the lv_tortoisegit add-on (modified to fix a couple bugs and get it working on LV2017). I find myself using the add-on less lately since I switch branches with a project closed now (worried that LabVIEW might get confused due to VIs already in memory). The add-on could use a little improvement in that area. I use BitBucket as my main remote.


I occasionally use SourceTree and it seems to work just fine as well. The cool part is that you can use whichever one you want for a given task.

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Hello Joerg,


since you seem to know both SourceTree and Git Tower, I would like to ask you what the difference really is between the two.  I am using SourceTree and took a short look into Git Tower, but I didn't see anything that would make me like to pay for Git Tower.


I even wrote to the Git Tower team and asked them the same question; they were unable to give me a concise answer (I would have thought they would give me a list of things that are way better with Git Tower -- but none the like).




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