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Extreme GIT Version Control

Is there any way to check predict what git hash will be made upon compilation. I am trying to do an extreme way of version control where the vi checks the git hash and sees if its the right build.


The issue is seems to be that Im reaching a catch 22 point. I need to know the hash before compilation but the hash is only generated after compilation.I tried doing it for build specification field but then this doesn't version control the VHDL code/CLIPs.


Any Guidance would be appreciated.



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If I understand correctly it would seem you are committing built code into your SCC. Why? You only need the source code that goes into the build.  If you want to store the builds themselves, archive them somewhere else or use something like GitLab's Releases.


Perhaps I just don't understand the problem correctly. Perhaps it would help if you explain what you are trying to accomplish instead of how.

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