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Corrupt using git

<This is a duplicate of this question, but I someone requested that I also post here:>

I should also note that I am not using any git plug-ins for LabVIEW -- just plain old git (which may not be the smartest thing in the world...)



I am developing a LabVIEW program using v2013 and I keep it under version control with git.

Recently, I tried to push a few changes to the repository from a computer with LabVIEW 2014. I added a new vi and changed the globals file.

Unfortunately, there is something corrupt about the globals file. Here is the behavior I observe:

- When I copy and paste a reference to a global in a vi that uses it, I cannot wire it to anything or change the global variable name (the gray selection menu does not appear). Double clicking does not take me to the file.

- Any globals that were already in a vi behave as before: they are wired and you can select which global variable from the menu. Double clicking will open file.

- When I try to create another global in the globals vi file using copy + paste, it is not editable (either the value or the name)

Here's what I've tried, with no change in behavior:

- reverting my changes to a previous commit (before I merged with the newer version of labview)

- recloning repository

- copying a version of that was saved for v2013 (on the v2014 computer) and replacing the file on the v2013 computer.

What should I try? I'd love to not have to rebuild the globals file from nearly scratch. Are there particular temporary files that need to be removed for globals to start to work again?


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