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Joysticks detected by Driver Station but still getting warning message.

My team is having an issue with our Driver Station. Both of our joysticks are plugged in, work,  and are detected by the Driver Station on the USB tab. The Driver Station however repeatedly shows a warning message saying neither of them are detected. What's strange is that if we deploy to the robot they go away until we cycle power again. How could we fix this issue?




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Hello. We're still struggling with this.  What we've determined is that the Xbox Controller information is going to the RoboRIO but it stops after a fraction of a second after restarting the RoboRIO code.  However, the controller inputs are still showing up on the Driver Station USB tab.


Additionally, it appears another team is having the same problem, since we found this recent post on ChiefDelphi: Sometimes the controller doesn't respond - Technical - Chief Delphi



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This has been fixed in WPILib 2022.2.1

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