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Debugger Error

Hello out there,

I just started to play arond with Open GDS: I've installed Open GOOP 1.2.41 and am using LV19.0f2 x64.


I created an empty project, created a GOOP class with the EndevoGOOP400 class provider, added persistent and debugging Design Pattern. When I now open the debugger, I run into Error 74 occured at Unflattern From String in Possible reason: (Hex 0x4A) Memory or data structure corrupt.


If I open a new VI and use Create -> GetObjectStatus -> Destroy it runs without any errors. Has anybody ran into this before? Any ideas what is going wrong?

Greetings, AlexElb


Edit: By the way, if I use Create and Destroy with a Class with the Persistent Design Pattern the lvclass will be still be locked, since it is still running. I guess this is intended, but how do I cleanup correctly?

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Re: Debugger Error

I've not seen that before.
Can you upload your class?

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