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Bug in Static Property Node Accessor VI Creation

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When you create a static dispatch property node accessor VI with regular non-GDS classes (i.e. using the native class editor features in LabVIEW), the new property VI is marked as Inline. The same does not happen when creating a static dispatch property node accessor VI with OpenGDS. It is created as a non-reentrant, non-inlined VI. From what I can tell this is because the property node accessor VI template is set to non-inlined to support being dynamic dispatch. 


To solve the issue for static dispatch property node accessor VIs, I propose a fix to the following VI:


[LabVIEW 20xx]\resource\Framework\Providers\Open_GDS\ClassProviders\Provider_LvNativeClass\ClassWriterNative_class\


I made the following edit to the VI, and now my static property node accessor VIs are marked as inline when they are created:




I assume a similar fix would need to be made to scripting for other class types (GOOP3, GOOP4, etc.), but I didn't dig into their scripting code so I wasn't sure.

DNatt, NI
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(cross-posted to the OpenGDS issues list here: )

DNatt, NI
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Accepted by topic author Darren

I'll add that right away.
BTW, I saw on twitter that you liked the new 2020 Class Creation dialog that now saves the class to disk as well :-).
The latest OpenGDS 2020 version does a quite more steps for you 😉



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