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Can G# add a method like python deepcopy?

 G# clone method doesn't clone Class member if Class  member is a class.

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Yes, it would not be to hard to implement support for a deep clone. G# already has methods for traversing attributes generic, but yet no method to update and replace an aggregated object. I do think it would be possible to add reverse functionality to do that generic. I put that on the "wishlist".


Meanwhile, you can always add a DeepClone method to your class that traverse thought your hierarchy and call "DeepClone" on your aggregated objects (you need to implement a DeepClone method in all class that is part of the clone hierarchy). It would look like something like this:




I attach an example where I deep clone a one-level hierarchy, but it could be transfered to any depth.


Best regards,

Mattias Ericsson



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thanks,but i don't know how to realize goal,i hope it will be realize next version,

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