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number pad on the mobile

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I looked through Googling, there is 'html input mode', but it is not possible to apply it as shown in the screen shot below.


<input type="number" pattern=”\d*”>
<input inputmode="numeric" />
<input inputmode="decimal" />



































































































Is there any way?

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Accepted by yuje

First off, typical caveats: modifying G Web output with custom JS is not supported and this technique may break if updating G Web in the future. If it breaks in the future you'd need to update the code to accommodate for likely undocumented changes to the DOM hierarchy and G Web functionality.


Now, to the solution! I was able to get this to work by adding the inputmode="numeric" attribute to the input element within the control. Note that G Web's components are nested hierarchies and I first created the page, looked at the DOM hierarchy, and found the proper place to apply the attribute.

numeric element.png


I then implemented a simple JSLI to be able to drop a subVI call on any WebVI to apply this attribute to all numerics:

numeric jsli.png


Et voila:



I've attached the small example which includes the following JS leveraged with the JSLI:

(function() {
const setNumericMode = function () {
var numerics = document.querySelectorAll("jqx-numeric-text-box input");

numerics.forEach(element => element.setAttribute("inputmode", "numeric"));

window.GWebUtils = {


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I didn't expect you to provide such a detailed solution in less than a day.


really appreciate it 😘

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    numerics.forEach(element => element.setAttribute("inputmode", "numeric"));


    numerics.forEach(element => element.setAttribute("inputmode", "decimal"));



I have confirmed that this is really easy to apply.
Also changed it to "decimal" as above because decimal input in iOS.

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I knew HOW to do it, just had to work out some specifics. And hopefully search functionality works well and this question doesn't have to be answered again now!

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