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G Web hosting on Firebase



I'm trying to deploy G web code on Firebase hosting service.

But It dose not execute on server and error come out.

It works on local computer.


some error come out on browser like below.



It would be greatly appreciated if anyone ,who have experience hosting Gweb on Firebase, give some advice.


thanks regard

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The wasm errors shouldn't be showstoppers, it's just alerting that it's using a less efficient method to download the execution engine to the browser. I wouldn't expect a font download issue to cause issues other than perhaps odd font layouts. Are there any other issues with resource download shown in the network tab of the browser dev tools?


I'm unfamiliar with firebase but assume it's more or less a standard hosting service.


G Web apps don't run on a server, they're merely files that get sent to a browser when requested and then run in the browser.

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