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Connect adxl001 mems accelerometer to NI 4497 PXI-e card


Hi everyone,

i'm currently using the NI 4497 PXI card to acquire from pcb ICP accelerometer.

Is it possible to connect the adxl001 mems accelerometer to the pxi-4497 card (see link)?


Should i connect its analog output to the 4497 with bnc connection and use external power supply?


Thank You

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Hi raffa.cap,
since the supply voltage of the accelerometer can rise up to 6V, I don't think there should be problems connecting sensor output with an NI 4497 input. According the manual,This PXI board allow to acquire signals with a voltage up to 10V.


If you want to use the BNC connector, this is the component you need:

- NI SHB4X-8BNC ->




Stefano Fois

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