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reset setting pulse counter during test



I want to reset my pulse counter (NI 9361) as an event, just as i can do to the digital output and analog output.  for instance if the pulse count goes to 50 stop test. or if pulse count goes to 50 reset back to zero.

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There isn't a built in way to do this in FlexLogger today completely in software.  Would you be able to provide a few more details about the behavior you would like to see?


For example, if we added the modulo operator to the formula so that you could have the pulse mapped to a formula which said something like 'Count1' % 50.  The result of that formula would reset every 50 pulses and you could tie events to it. Your log file would contain both the continuously increasing channel and the formula.  If that is an acceptable solution, you could add it to FlexLogger today using the Plugin Development Kit (https://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/378089c.pdf).  This would be a very straightforward plugin to create from the calculation template.  


Another alternative would be to have an additional digital module and wire one of its outputs to the reset terminal of the counter (which PFI line the reset terminal is mapped to can be configured in the channel configuration dialog). You could then have two events which control the reset terminal, one which sets it to high when the count is above 50, and one that sets it back to low when the count is 0.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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