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Triggering State of Flexlogger read by Plugin

Hi folks,


I am trying to write a plugin where I only want to process the data after Flexlogger logging is triggered.  I probably need the API to return the state of triggers within Flexlogger. The current LabVIEW API doesnt seem to have this feature and I am wondering if there are tricks around this ?




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If you want to know when the the test starts, you can override the Handel Message.vi and get "Test Start" and "Test Stop" messages. See https://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/378089b.pdf on page 19 where it talks about Commands. Once you get a message that the test has started, you can update a new "Started" boolean indicator in your plugins private class data and your Process.vi can check this flag to know when the test has started.

If you want to know when the test has started and the start trigger occurred, there is not a built-in way to get this information at this time. You could always have the same start trigger also used by your plugin, but this would require the user of your plugin to configure your plugin with the same start trigger used by FlexLogger and you'd have to also provide the Value Change/Value settings. If this is the use case you want, let me know so we can prioritize this feature request for future versions and add a message that would include the start trigger time and stop trigger time.




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Thanks for the response Brad,  I modified the Handle Message.vi to set up a Test Start flag but it is ON immediately after I clicked the Run button on Flexlogger. I have set up a case structure in my Process.vi to pass the status to Flexlogger. Obviously I wanted it to be flagged after the Trigger is activated.  (I have a simple voltage level trigger in Logging Specifications page)







Is this the expected behavior?


I don't need to know when (the timestamp) the trigger happens but I just need a T/F flag for its occurrence.




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Hey Raymond, yeah, I believe that's the expected behavior - from FlexLogger's perspective, the test has started, even though logging hasn't started, so the flag should become True right after hitting the run button.


Would you be able to share some extra details about the plugin you want to create? That would help us figure out the best way to implement this once we start working on it. At a high level, what does your plugin do and what do you want it to do in response to the logging having started/stopped? Are there other triggers you'd like it to respond to? Feel free to send me a private message/email if you'd like to talk about it in detail or I'd be happy to set up a call sometime. Whatever is easiest for you.



Eric Satterness

FlexLogger Product Owner

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Hi Eric,

My plugin needs to process the post-trigger data to compute a test result. If Flexlogger can provide the state of the trigger:


1) I don't have to manually create code for the trigger checking(e.g. the voltage level checking)

2) I can easily prevent Pre-trigger (or irrelevant) data from being used for the computation. Erroneous result from this data can easily be discarded.  This ultimately enhances the user experience.


Best regards,


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