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Trigger speed

Hi Guys,


I'm currently trying to acquire data by a trigger from a digital input on Module 9401. My sampling rate is around 4Mhz and i need to retrigger many times throughout the sampling. Do you know what the maximum trigger speed (start-stop) is ? 


The goal is to acquire data for 10 microseconds (40 bits) from the remaining digital ports when a sync signal is observed.  



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Hey there, Eric here - one of the product owners for FlexLogger.


While I don't know of exact numbers off the top of my head, I think getting exactly 10 microseconds of data in your log files in response to the rising/falling edge of a 4MHz signal is likely beyond what FlexLogger is capable of today. That said, there are likely some ways we can ensure that you don't miss any data but whether or not those will work for you will depend on your needs and workflow. Would you be willing to tell us more details about your application (what you're trying to measure, how you process the data, etc.)? We'd love to hear more and see if we can find something that'll work for you and it would help us discover what other features we should prioritize in the future. Feel free to private message or email me.

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