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Stopwatch inside Flexlogger

Is there a way to have a stopwatch inside flexlogger?
Currently we are monitoring a manual process that has steps which are time based between each one. It'd be nice to be able to integrate it onto one screen/program.

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FlexLogger does not have a stopwatch in the UI.  What exactly would you be looking for? Do you want to be able to start/stop/rest the timer, or do you just need the time that logging has been running?


FlexLogger currently displays the amount of time that the current test has been running in the top left.




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Better late than never Smiley Happy

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Given the question, it's sort of amusing that your forum name is "tic.not.tock"!

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Start/stop/reset the timer is the ideal solution in this situation. We're doing a hydrostat test that requires a pressure hold for an allocated amount of time, while having a few other things going on at the same time, so taking note of what the current duration of the test is at the point of getting to the required pressure gets a little harder with all the other little bits going on.

Thanks though! 

Maybe it's something they could include in a future update?

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