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Recovering data sample after a monitoring is abruptly interrupted


I am using Flexlogger to record the HeatFlux and surface temperature of walls.

Unfortunately, during the monitoring campaign, I have already experienced some power cuts. In some cases, Flexlogger is able to automatically generate csv with the requested timestep (180 s). Sometimes the power cut happens and I have just the tdsm file.


Whenever the latter case happpens, I have tried to open it in excel but I get results in millisecond meaning millions of rows of date for extensive campaigns.


Is there a way to set up the Flexlogger viewer TDMS to export data into csv with a specific sample rate (180 s) so I can get more manageable data sets..





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If the automatic export to CSV options from the Logging Specification are meeting your needs, you should be able to do the same operation manually by right clicking on any TDMS file in the Data pane.





While the TDMS Viewer that ships with FlexLogger can save TDMS files as CSV files, I don't believe it has the capability to downsample the data to a custom data rate. I think that would require upgrading to a full version of DIAdem and/or writing a script to downsample the data from the TDMS file.

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I am revising my response to concur with the previous response.

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Thanks for the support.


Tried to export the way you showed me without success.


Am I missing something?





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Can you describe some details and/or post some screenshots of the steps you're taking and what happens?

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