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Flexlogger 2019 R3 third party hardware



how can i integrate third party Hardware?

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I tried to run the examples but i always get the massage.

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Hi Eugster,


Based on the image, I attempted to translate your error message, and believe you are seeing an issue related to FlexLogger not being able to match the plugin's XML with the LabVIEW Packed Library. 


Which example did you attempt to use? When do you see this error? Also, did you solely open the example and build?


I compiled the Mouse Input example, and originally, it imports correctly into FlexLogger. I exited FlexLogger, and then renamed the LabVIEW Packed Library so it does not match the XML name (e.g. Mouse Input1 instead of Mouse Input). Then, when I opened FlexLogger, I received your error message (see attached). The XML file's name must match the plugin's packed library name.


Can you confirm that the name of the LabVIEW Packed Library matches the name of your XML? They will be located in %public%\Documents\National Instruments\FlexLogger\Plugins\IOPlugins. 




NI Product Owner
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