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Feature Request - Alarm Notifications

Hey everyone,


I am just looking to post a feature request after reviewing the application with NI tech support. We are running tests in the lab that are under pressure and we'd like to have e-mail notification sent to the operators if the pressure was to drop below the minimum requirement (as that would indicate a leak).

I know there are adjustable events which can for example trigger a Digital out in the case of an event, but this doesn't do me much good after working hours or if a technician isn't near by to see the I/O trigger.

Ideally we could set a threshold exactly like the "Events", but instead of controlling another output, i'd like to send an e-mail. We've had something similar in the past with older NI software (viLogger) and we currently utilize a similar feature with our vibration control software. Attaching a screenshot of the current screen to the e-mail would also be phenomenal!


Adding this feature to FlexLogger would be a great bonus.

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Hi T-S.lab,


We're currenlty finalizing a plugin that you'll find soon on the NI Tools Network and which performs exactly what you need :

  • Set a threshold on 1 or several channels
  • Set if the threshold is a min value (the channel linked should not go under this value) or a max value (the channel linked should not go over this value)

If the threshold is triggered, then an email is sent to a list of recipients. The message of the email can be tuned with the name of the channel and the value that overpassed the threshold.


Currently we do not insert the screen copy, but that could be something that we'll add soon.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more details.




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Thanks for the prompt response. That's great news! Please post a link whenever available.

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This is a great feature!  We run tests that run when there is no-one in the building or at our other facility the tests are run in a separate building with very loud noises.  Having something to alert you if there's an issue would be a nice safety net and peace of mind for management.

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Hi brethigh,


The product first release will be available very soon on the NI Tools Network. We're currently working with NI to finalize some details in order to make it available directly fro NI's website.

I'll keep you posted when it'll be available (I hope in few days).



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